Your Army Awaits – Odor Gladiators Review

Written By Luke Wylie

Odor Gladiator Troops ready for the war on kit bag stench!

Odor Gladiator Troops ready for the war on kit bag stench!

Odor Gladiators came on to the market aiming to keep lacrosse kit bags smelling fresh alleviating the putrid smell of festering sweat. Having owned and used one now for three months I can say they are a huge success. I purchased mine as part of charity fundraising on behalf of my club, Aberystwyth Lacrosse.

Now for anyone that doesn’t know Aberystwyth is the end of the line for mid-Wales the next nearest lacrosse clubs are 2+ hours away in Bangor, Cardiff or Swansea. Our game days frequently consist of long journeys across the length and breadth of this country. The ELA have referred to us in the past as the “Road Warriors” You might ask what this has to do with kit deodorizer?

 Well, have you ever spent a 6-hour round trip car journey with vile smelling kit on your lap?

I have! It was unsavoury, to say the least. But that changed some three months ago. The compact durable outer casing easily fits into the smallest of kit bags and can deal with any heinous stench you throw at it. You can confidently throw your kit bag around without a care in the world knowing that the design of the odor gladiator means it won’t leak all over your gear. The functional little troop looks awesome and comes in a variety of colours to match up with your team. Tying the colour scheme in with the rest of your club kit makes it look very professional. The deodorizing booster itself is claimed to last up to 120 days but mine hasn’t shown any signs of fading yet, which means buying the inexpensive refills, are a smart investment.

The Odor Gladiator makes for an excellent addition to any lacrosse players kit bag. These pint sized warriors make a great gift and have been very popular with parents, partners, siblings, aunts, uncles or anyone looking thats had to deal with wreaking sweaty kit. It is a stylish yet simple bit of innovation that makes the life of a lacrosse player easier. In fact every sports bag should have one! 


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