About Northern Soul Sportswear

Northern Soul Sportswear....your one stop shop for Lacrosse Equipment

From a ball stop to a custom East Coast Mesh strung STX Super Power on a Epoch Dragonfly shaft.
From a pair of NCCA lax shorts to a custom team uniform.
From a set of cones to a field marking machine.

Northern Soul aims be the first port of call for Lacrosse Teams, Players & Supporters seeking quality customised uniforms, equipment, accessories and exclusive gifts in Europe. Bringing some Soul into your game. At Northern Soul, you'll find lacrosse gear for players of all ages and skill levels. Northern Soul carries lacrosse equipment from all the top lacrosse brands including STX, NIKE,Fit 2 Win, Adrenaline and more. Whether you are looking for a new stick or looking for a team set of jerseys for you local club, Northern Soul Sportswear has what you need. We live, eat and breathe lacrosse 24/7 and we never stop working to try and bring you the best lacrosse store in the world. We're passionate about lacrosse and we're just as passionate about bringing you the level of service that you deserve. For all your lacrosse gear needs, shop with us at www.northernsoulsportswear.com